How to make Akashi no Onkata


[TOHO seed bead size 11/0]
No.28 (blue) : 278
No.29 (silver) : 240
No.41 (white) : 145
No.46 (brown) : 164
No.121 (glossy white) : 5 packs
No.146 (pale purple) : 148
No.163 (light blue) : 212
No.928 (purple) : 279
No.939 (green) : 175
No.1300 (transparent purple) : 62
[MIYUKI seed bead size 11/0]
304 (red) : 12g

[TOHO seed bead size 15/0]
No.49 (black) : 3packs
No.121 (glossy white) : 224

[artificial pearl made of plastic (Manufacturer is TOHO or MIYUKI)]
12mm in diameter (color:white) : 1

150 denier colorless and transparent nylon thread : 1 reel
applied wax cotton thread for sewing machine (color : black) : 1 reel
colorless and transparent fishing gut 0.24mm in diameter : about 8 meter
black wire 0.5mm in diameter (24-gauge) : about 15cm


a thin needle
bond for carpentry

How to make

We can make it off loom technique.
We are going to use 150 denier thread and
seed bead 11/0(glossy white, blue, purple, silver, brown, pale purle, light blue, green, transparent purple)
We will try Gourd stitch.
Design Assignment of colors
I changed colors because of looking easy.
You can print my design from

From left side this picture, front corsage, back corsage and sleeve.

Uchiki front  Uchiki back

We are going to use fishing gut and
seed bead 11/0(white, red).
We will cross fishing gut in beads.
I want call these pictures fig.1, fig. 2, fig. 3 from left side.
fig.1 fig.2 fig.3
You can print all pictures from here.

We make a belt of Hakama (long pleated colotte-like trouses).
We use red seed bead 11/0 and net thin Gourd stitch long.
We double it and bind in a ring of Gourd stitch.

body and belt

We are going to artificial pearl, seed bead 15/0 (white) and 150 denier thread.
We twist seed bead around an artificial pearl.
How to make
We arrange line of 16 beads and 12 beads alternately.
When we finished covering surface of artificial pearl,
we knot two ends of thread together.


We are going to use seed bead 15/0 (black) and cotton thread for sewing machine.
We net Gourd stitch along face.
We net from center right-handed.
How to make


We are going to use seed bead 11/0 (transparent purple) and fishing gut about 50cm.
How to make


We finished make all parts, then construct a doll.
Completion !

Akashi no Onkata on a fan.

Last Update : July 14, 2011

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